Material scanning for visual effects

Create rich textures from your own materials using a hand-held camera

Easy Capture

Use a standard hand-held camera and flash to photograph your material

Cloud Processing

Our fast algorithms automatically measure colour, shape, gloss and tint

Rich Textures

Receive high quality textures, ready for physically based rendering

Conventional photo

Patterned material

Bandicoot scan

Hover mouse or tilt device to adjust view

Conventional photo

Leather wallet

Bandicoot scan

Hover mouse or tilt device to adjust view


Visit our gallery for more Bandicoot material images.

Convenient Scanning

Scan your own materials by taking a set of hand-held photos using a standard camera and flash. No scanning rig required!

Automatic Cloud Processing

Upload your photos and our cloud service will automatically generate high quality textures. You don't need to manually tune any parameters.

Rich Texture Maps

Receive a full physically based rendering (PBR) metal/roughness texture of your material, including a mesh and maps for displacement, normals, diffuse colour, roughness and metalness. The maps are 16-bit linear float EXR with sRGB colour primaries and ready to import into a wide variety of visual effects software.

Meet the team

David Monaghan
Managing Director

Accomplished leader in global R & D

Matthew Arnison
Technology Director

Optics and imaging expert

Peter Fletcher
Chief Scientist

Invents powerful new algorithms

David Karlov
Chief Engineer

Transforms science into solutions

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